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Precise Automation
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How to make profit from Precise Automation

Are you looking for permanent supplier for automation service? Then you are at right place. We are committed to make business on customers profit.

But what is actually Profit?

  • Technically we learn that, (Profit) = (Revenue) - (Expenses)
  • But practically, (Profit) = (Revenue) - (Expenses) - (Poor Automation)

What is poor automation?

  • Reduced performance efficiency due to spend in time in break down, start up, change over, defect & repair, problem solving and fire fighting
  • Manuals & circuit diagrams are not available leading to problems in operation and servicing
  • Defect due to excess of variation in control components
  • Rejection and late in dispatch
  • Manufacturing process needs skilled and experienced person to carry out
  • Machine maintenance experts can't sustain continues healthy production and can't avoid break down
  • Target is to acquiring local market only
  • Unrecorded loss
  • Actual run time Is very less than estimated run time

What is smart automation?

  • An automation that can create productive change in your manufacturing
  • Documentation that helps to "measure and manage" manufacturing
  • An Automation system that can help in Innovation of new product, which can have big opportunities in world market
  • Machine to machine interfacing that creates continuous assembly line and reduction in human efforts
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Reduce ideal time or no ideal time with quick fixing of problem to increase manufacturing speed
  • Records and follow-up of Critical machine parameters
  • Records of cause and effect in computer
  • Reduce time waste in problem solving and fire fighting. Avoid trail and error by proper training

What Causes Smart Automation? ( What "Precise Automation" Exactly Do for You )

  • Six sigma expert always says that, "If you don't know what you don't know then hidden cost is huge". Precise Automation know what you exactly need to know about automation
  • Automation, that can focus on fewer mistake in manufacturing to improve quality of product and reduce PPM (defected parts per million), because quality always saves money and reduces final cost of product
  • To ensure continuous improvement in manufacturing, automation system can perform following tasks: "define, measure, analyze, improve and control"
  • Automation system can run continuously with out any interrupt so, Engineers can Focus on process for establishment of quality policy, Product / service development structure
  • Availability of spares parts and servicing
  • Human machine interface device in automation system can fetch information in customers voice and can transfer into technological process
  • Human machine interface device in automation system can provide continuous data that can use to improve the process (such as variation in parameters of product)
  • Documentation on automation system include manageable and actionable details
  • After couple of years of installation, automation system can deliver accuracy and reliability, ease of maintenance, less downtime, no extra power consumption, safety features & eco-friendliness of the machine

Where you can use Automation?

  • "Any where, only imagination is limit!"


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